Friday, July 27, 2012

Effective Telemarketing Scripts for Successful Business

A successful telemarketing campaign starts with an effective call script. Despite recent DNC regulations (Do Not Call regulations), telemarketing remains a powerful way for business to reach out to their customers. With the right telemarketing script, you will be able to effectively deliver your sales pitch to targeted leads and increase your sales.

Following are the key components you should kep in mind when creating a telelmarketing srcipt:

1. Start your spiel by stating who you are, the company you're representing, and the reason why you're calling.
2 . Emphasize the benefits your products and services can offer.
3. Keep your pitch positive and short
4. End with a call to action! Ask for an appointment

Diffrent Types of Telemarketing Scripts

1. Verbatim Script. Telemarketing spiel is followed word for word. This type of script is ideal for b2b transactions as well as consumer and survey calls.
2. Outline script. Opening and closing spiels are verbatim while other parts of script is outlined depending on answers to particular quuestions. This types of telemarketing script is used for complicated campaigns where call can branch off into different directions.
3. Guided Script. Telemarketers are given instructions of what they need to accomplish in each call. This type of script is flexible as telemarketers can come up with their own dialogue as long as they can accomplish their goal as per instructions given.
4. Call-Plan Script. The script essentially contains the call's main objective, questions to be asked, closing spiel, and actions to be taken.

Whichever script you're using, make sure to inform your prospect, right off the bat, about the products you're offering and teh benefits it can give them.


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